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Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show 2023


‘A Place for Us’, showcased the creative diversity of native plant species while encouraging biodiversity, water-wise gardening, and the use of sustainable, locally-sourced materials. 'A Place for Us' demonstrates the power of gardens to accept and educate, to welcome and provide. It is a place for us all.


Emma Sheppard-Simms

Emma’s winning garden design was built and installed by an all-female trade team.This is a first in the history of MIFGS!

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Emma Sheppard-Simms is a landscape architect living and working on Wadawarrung Country (Ballarat). She is a graduate student in horticulture at the University of Melbourne (Burnley) and has recently established Plantery Landscape Architecture — a small business specialising in ethical and sustainable landscape design.


Emma combines her design practice with teaching, writing and research and is currently teaching in the Diploma of Sustainable Design at the University of Tasmania. Emma also enjoys writing about urban design and has a particular fascination with the history and design of cemeteries and other 'forgotten' urban spaces. Her writing can be found in various publications, including The Planthunter, Landscape Architecture Australia and Kerb Journal.


When Emma is not designing, she can usually be found hanging out in her veggie patch or exploring Melbourne’s amazing array of playgrounds with her daughter.

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Shannon’s qualifications are in Horticulture and Landscape Design. She has worked in the industry for over 15 years and she specialises in Garden Maintenance Planning and Management. Based in the Australian Capital Territory, Shannon’s clients are located across the east coast of Australia. Her business is currently working on small projects around Canberra.


Reason for being involved in ‘a place for us’: “My passion is plants, but I love the whole industry. I never stop learning and I love seeing new and existing ideas that other people come up with. That is why I’m full of excitement and gratitude to have the privilege of working alongside the lovely Emma Sheppard-Simms and helping her bring her amazing design to life.

Team member of wining design in 2023 MILGS design

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